Jumping Jack Challenge

The Jumping Jack Challenge

If you do jumping jacks and increase your number every day, how many can you do? The choice is yours…
This video will help with the math, the ones after it will help you keep jumping!
Have fun 🙂

Day 1

I did 30!
(10 jumping jacks, 3 times = 30)

Day 2

I did 3 sets of 20 = 60, and my total so far is 90!

Day 3

I did 3 sets of 30, which gives me 90 today, and 180 total.

Day 4

My 3 sets of 40 today, give me 120, with a total of 300!

Day 5

Here we go! Let’s jump! ….How many jumping jacks did you do?

Watch the Numbers Jump

See how quickly you can do 1,000 jumping jacks!

Now let’s get jumping!

Day 6

Still going… 🙂

Day 7

Where would you like to see us jump? Email us.

Day 8: Where do you want us to jump? Email us

Wait for it…

Day 9: Jumping Backwards to 90!

Keep jumping!!!

Day 10: The Final Jump! The End Jump

“Jumpers, assemble!” Where did we go?